Serene Fist : a martial arts miniature line


wyvern: : I don't think 4Shared has such a referral system. I signed up for the free downloads soon after I found the CWF. It's not the pleasantest of sites to use - a lot of obvious "Download" buttons to ignore - but I've had no problems beyond those. Jul 18, 2014 3:47:05 GMT -9
Parduz: If you're courious about how living in Italy is, reat this 20-signs-youve-been-living-in-italy-too-long. Both the article and the links inside are very accurate :D Jul 18, 2014 0:38:19 GMT -9 *
Parduz: ..... But nothing prevent you to use a garbage temp email for subscription :) Jul 18, 2014 0:36:59 GMT -9
Parduz: : 4shared could it be one of the very few sites that does not bother you with spam or unwanted email (unless it makes someone other generate it, which i can't know). So i'd subscribe without too much worries..... Jul 18, 2014 0:35:14 GMT -9 *
WackyAnne: I meant 4shared! not dropbox, which I already have. uses 4shared for his Stark Wreck minis, and it's asking me to sign up before letting me download them. I don't remember that to be the case last year, before my laptop hard drive wiped... Jul 17, 2014 22:06:36 GMT -9
WackyAnne: Does dropbox have any kind of referral rewards/benefits or discount codes or anything? I may have to sign up for the darn thing, since a couple of you fabulous creators use it for free downloads. If it'll benefit a fellow member to refer me, I'll do it! Jul 17, 2014 20:08:31 GMT -9
aaron: LOL at least his hair will be all glittery and sparkly ... the ladies love that sort of thing LOL especially at his age! though I suppose the last thing he wants to do this summer is spend time at tea parties with little girls LOL Jul 17, 2014 5:25:51 GMT -9
WackyAnne: My son just stuck golden glitter silly putty in his hair, he is not quite sure why. My husband is currently trying to salvage his hair so he doesn't have a bald summer... #kidsdothedarndestthings Jul 14, 2014 9:42:19 GMT -9
mproteau: Cutfiles for Serene Fist Set 3 is now available! Jul 8, 2014 17:05:10 GMT -9
boarmaster: Ok thx for the help. Jul 8, 2014 13:22:34 GMT -9
aaron: I would send Squirmydad private message on the whole affair I'm sure he will be able to point you in the right direction without further adding to the flames. Jul 8, 2014 13:19:17 GMT -9
boarmaster: We'll, if I can get a link, there's at least some chance that I can find a way to take it down. A big part of my job is figuring out how to get rid of pirated content. Jul 8, 2014 13:14:27 GMT -9
aaron: I did that once and people told me it was a no no so I don't have it anymore also I don't know where it is but I think it was somewhere on which isn't governed by to many enforceable laws as far as I know but then your the lawyer not me. Jul 8, 2014 13:11:37 GMT -9
boarmaster: Can someone please pm me a link to that website full of pirated content so I can lawyer it into oblivion Jul 8, 2014 13:04:30 GMT -9
aaron: come on Squrimydad your always number #1! LOL people shouldn't treat you like #2 LOL .... sorry how sad is it when jr. high potty jokes are still funny Jul 7, 2014 7:32:55 GMT -9
squirmydad: I think I was number 2... Jul 6, 2014 19:29:47 GMT -9
oldschooldm: Thought I'd make #2 (after that speedy Anne) - but by the time I got my info in, looks like I was Number 4! Kickstarter... Jul 6, 2014 19:28:48 GMT -9
okumarts: I am tired and sore, but the Kickstarter is almost ready! Woot! Jul 5, 2014 17:46:43 GMT -9
aaron: well is was a smashing success and I think all you chappies who don't know what were talking about it's time to find out !! go to the site below and get yourself a copy come on it's only 5 bucks!!! Jul 5, 2014 10:10:12 GMT -9
aaron: Jul 5, 2014 10:08:34 GMT -9 *