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luzitanos: [br][img src=""][br][br][img] Oct 18, 2014 2:30:04 GMT -9
emergencyoverride: Its because they generally make them when you order them. They dont keep a huge stock. Dont worry, you will love them. Oct 16, 2014 17:09:47 GMT -9
okumarts: It's worth the wait Cardstock Dane. Oct 16, 2014 5:17:08 GMT -9
Cardstock Dane: Dang, Litko-bases-that-I-ordered-the-week-before-last-week, why does it take so long for you to arrive? :D Oct 15, 2014 2:46:41 GMT -9 *
aaron: Hey Happy thanks giving to all those of you who celebrate it in Canadian time! still a month away for us! but in case you didn't notice in the new threads I just launched the Tempourm Oblitus Kickstarter ! tell all your friends to tell all their fiends LOL Oct 14, 2014 18:29:19 GMT -9
cowboyleland: Just finished hosting my brother and his wife for thanksgiving. Happy belated to all the canucks in this community. Oct 13, 2014 17:48:23 GMT -9
okumarts: Just shouting as I finish some editing of the final Darkfast Dungeon rules and start to get my Thanksgiving meal together today. Oct 11, 2014 4:49:18 GMT -9
ali: Thank you ::) !Squirmydad! Sept 30, 2014 20:28:55 GMT -9
squirmydad: The crew of Galaxy Quest is there. Sept 30, 2014 20:21:01 GMT -9
squirmydad: Sept 30, 2014 20:20:45 GMT -9
ali: Hi anybody can tell me where I can find sci-fi civilian, technician or crew of some sort of lab or spaceship. I'll try to set a game combined BSG decor with an alien story. thanks[br] Sept 30, 2014 19:54:02 GMT -9
mproteau: Ok. The Abandoned Wagon cutfiles are back. I *cannot* get them to work as-is with my Cameo. Instead, I included some instructions for how you might still make use of the cutfiles by quickly chopping the pages into pieces and moving things around. Sept 29, 2014 16:38:40 GMT -9
mproteau: ... as I hate Canon tech support (long story). Sept 28, 2014 16:14:04 GMT -9
mproteau: Frustratingly, I'm having a hard time using the cutfiles for the abandoned wagon. Despite the settings in the software, it's not cutting to the edge of the cutting region. I officially hate the Silhouette America tech support almost as much... Sept 28, 2014 16:13:54 GMT -9
mproteau: ... please let me know if you run into any trouble. Hopefully at some point this week I'll have a chance to give it a try. Sept 28, 2014 12:19:03 GMT -9
mproteau: I've posted cutfiles for Dave Graffam's Abandoned Wagon model. Life has been crazy lately - no time to build - so if an early adopter wants to give them a go... Sept 28, 2014 12:18:08 GMT -9
squirmydad: Welcome Ali! Sept 27, 2014 7:02:16 GMT -9
ali: Hi all! I'm Ali from Istanbul. 33 years old textile graphic designer. Happy family life with 2 children. All my life I played with paper. I joined here to see what other people do aound the world. Sept 27, 2014 6:13:07 GMT -9
mproteau: Well, the cutfiles worked just fine, but I can't seem to attach to posts. I've PM'ed the boss man, and in the mean time, I'll start edging... So many minis to edge... Sept 24, 2014 16:56:02 GMT -9
mproteau: Working on Serene Fist 4 cutfiles today, and man, the formatting of those pages did me no favors. :) Normally I'd feel fine just posting the cutfiles without having tried them first, but not this time! Sept 24, 2014 12:18:31 GMT -9