Arabian Knights


adjutantgeneral: hear hear, elfoshrek! Mar 22, 2021 10:24:26 GMT -9
headbanguer: Vermin King, thanks for let me know :D Mar 22, 2021 2:59:27 GMT -9 *
Vermin King: , I believe that was one of the rare Hoards that had no submissions Mar 21, 2021 15:53:55 GMT -9
headbanguer: Hi, anyone can tell me where to download the
Hoard 107 - Oriental and Bedoin from 2013? there isn't a download file in download section or in the archived Horde tread. Thanks, stay safe.
Mar 21, 2021 14:48:12 GMT -9
I have a laptop covered, I have a tablet with an android and programs like those that I had, of course not what I wanted, but figures can also be done in them, which pleases !!!
Mar 15, 2021 9:48:22 GMT -9
Vermin King: Good to see you! Hope you are well. What projects are you working on now? Mar 11, 2021 8:42:40 GMT -9
Hello everyone !!! I disappeared for a long time, there were reasons for this, if you want you can freely use my figurines, unless you indicate that I made them, I just do not have time to deal with models in this quality, while I can do something easier,
Mar 11, 2021 8:41:40 GMT -9
elfoshrek: всем привет!!!я изчез надолго,были на это причины,если хотите можете свободно пользоваться моими фигурками,разве что укажете что их делал я,просто нет у меня времени заниматся моделями в таком качестве,пока что то попроще поделаю,может позже появятся силы Mar 11, 2021 8:39:29 GMT -9
Vermin King: Welcome back! Mar 6, 2021 9:16:07 GMT -9
squirmydad: I have a lot of reading to do here, good to be back though. Mar 6, 2021 8:20:07 GMT -9
Vermin King: How are you doing, ? Mar 4, 2021 15:58:54 GMT -9
Vermin King: I am amazed by the number of shows on TV these days that I don't mind missing. Either one episode or the whole series. Feb 26, 2021 9:15:08 GMT -9
Vermin King: Thank . I just reposted it Feb 9, 2021 18:06:57 GMT -9
adjutantgeneral: Love the vid Vermin King! Feb 9, 2021 17:55:04 GMT -9
Vermin King: I hear that. It took me just over four hours to watch the battle report. Carry over items from work and dealing with stinking Comcast prevented me from watching straight through. Is there a special level of Hell for Comcast? Feb 6, 2021 6:36:15 GMT -9
okumarts: Things are so busy and stressful. I hope all of you are doing well. I wish I had some time to catch my breath. Feb 5, 2021 13:26:09 GMT -9
Vermin King: I hope doesn't mind. Feb 5, 2021 10:11:37 GMT -9
nicopogarskiy: Hello fellow warriors. And have a nice day! Feb 3, 2021 3:52:59 GMT -9
factoriatabletop: hi Vermin! well, working a lot in the kitchen, more than often! tring to spend time with family and hobby in midle time! hope you ( and everyone ) are ok! Feb 1, 2021 19:45:54 GMT -9
Vermin King: How has life been treating you, sir? Feb 1, 2021 5:37:10 GMT -9