Infinity Questions


Vermin King: , just change 'Thinking' to 'Pedantic' Nov 14, 2019 6:21:25 GMT -9
cowboyleland: Putting on my pedantic hat: some of you are mis-using the term "begs the question." Some day I will make myself a paper pedantic hat. :D Nov 14, 2019 6:02:10 GMT -9
Vermin King: I wouldn't hold my breath. He used to be very active on a French forum, so I asked him if he was going to be back there. no response yet Nov 13, 2019 9:04:45 GMT -9
squirmydad: Crap. I hope he's able to recover and republish his work. Nov 13, 2019 8:57:48 GMT -9
Vermin King: I sent Mauther an email. My guess is that it will be inaccessible while he is migrating things over to Blogger Nov 13, 2019 7:45:54 GMT -9
wyvern: Today though, the Papermau blog is no longer accessible unless you have an invitation (and of course you can't get one unless you visit the blog, Catch 22). Anyone got any better news about it? Nov 13, 2019 6:22:34 GMT -9
wyvern: I know Papermau's blog has been having problems because of virus infections lately - it's fired-up my antivirus system every time I've visited there for some weeks, though he did write and say the problem was resolved a while back (it wasn't). Nov 13, 2019 6:21:08 GMT -9
Vermin King: I suppose it could have been worse. She could boost someone up in a positive uplifting supportive manner... Nov 9, 2019 10:25:44 GMT -9
Vermin King: Okay ... double negatives are bad, but how about triple saying the same thing. I just heard someone on TV saying, 'I found we really boosted each other up in an uplifting supportive manner'. And that was probably meaningful to her. duh Nov 9, 2019 10:11:48 GMT -9
mproteau (Paper Realms): Woot woot! More cutter users! Welcome to the addiction! Nov 7, 2019 4:09:36 GMT -9
Vermin King: Be careful what secrets you let out of the bag Nov 5, 2019 12:33:45 GMT -9
oldschooldm: ... SO ... One of my players now has a cutter and has joined the forum. :-) For the first time I have to worry about WIP spoilers. :-) Just kidding! Welcome ! Nov 5, 2019 7:40:19 GMT -9
Vermin King: Congrats! Nov 4, 2019 8:23:13 GMT -9
woosh: I FINISHED THE M722 LRV AND I LOVE IT. will post pics when i get the chance Nov 4, 2019 1:10:23 GMT -9
Vermin King: Back in my younger days, I tried to get 'Trick or Drink' running. We would go door to door in costume with our Halloween-themed rocks glasses in hand. Nov 3, 2019 4:39:43 GMT -9
shep: On the other hand, Halloween is not that big for kids, here in Germany, anyways. It's more an excuse for teens and young adults to dress up and have a party... and for the latter ones to get drunk beyond speaking their native tongue... Nov 3, 2019 1:44:29 GMT -9
shep: "A ninja, a mage, a knight, and a fish enter a tavern..." Wait this is no joke??!? ;) Great costumes! The kids in my neighborhood were, as always, either too shy or too lazy to climb up into the third floor (40 steps, man, 40 steps!)... Nov 3, 2019 1:42:29 GMT -9
forgedchaos: or to traslate Nov 2, 2019 13:14:13 GMT -9
squirmydad: Every adventuring party needs a fish to guide them. :) Nov 1, 2019 8:14:51 GMT -9
This year's adventuring party - no sexy witch but fish!
Nov 1, 2019 1:07:18 GMT -9